Our method is based on different areas of medicine ; Conventional Western medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine , Bioresonance medicine, herbal medicine and naturopathy.

No single method is suitable for all patients. Therefore , we use advanced technology to find a natural healing method suitable for each patient.

Our healing philosophy is holistic and based on finding the cause of diseases. That means, in order to cure physical illness, pshychological and mental difficulties must be taken into account so the deepest cause of the disease has to be found, whether it is a virus, bacteria, toxin, an old trauma, nutritional deficiency, or the loss of a loved one.

The diagnosis is complex, but when you find the deepest cause, the body will progress steadily and quickly toward health.

The Diagnosis

Consists of:

  1. A Prefilled Questionnaire with personal details consent to examination, feelings and habits

  2. personal interview

  3. Medical anamnesis and physical examination

  4. Blood tests and imaging tests

  5. Bioresonance tests

  6. An explanation of the nature of the problem and the findings of the examination


We usually perform all the diagnostic steps in one session.


Bioresonance test:

The Bioresonance test is neither painful nor invasive, but requires patience and therefore more difficult for young children. There is no impediment to testing pregnant women.

  • You should come with comfortable clothes made of non-synthetic fabric (which does not produce static electricity), without any metallic jewelry.

  • You must bring with you all your medical information, all the medicines you are taking, supplements, naturopathic treatments and previous diagnostic treatments.

  • Avoid using strong perfume or deodorants before testing

  • You should come with clean hands and feet




  • The treatment is given using frequencies that are specific to your body after diagnosis and analysis, in a natural way to the human body without any harmful substances.

  • In some types of treatment, it is recommended to avoid caffeinated foods such as coffee, black tea, green tea, mint and cocoa

  • It is recommended that you do not use other medical treatments such as acupuncture, plants, osteopathy or homeopathy within 3 months of starting treatment

  • Treatment is ineffective under drugs that effectively inhibit the immune system or the nervous system such as steroids, NSAIDS, methotrexate, chemotherapy, biological therapies, psychoactive drugs such as cannabis, LSD cocaine, Ritalin, etc.

  • If you take these drugs but without any benefit in your health, you can perform our diagnosis and treatment in cases where there is no danger to life, while gradually discontinuing the conventional drugs in accordance with the improvement of your condition for several consecutive sessions.

  • The discontinuation of medications  will be done only in coordination with the attending physician and is the patient's responsibility

  • For any questions that arise during the course of the treatment , you are welcome to contact us via the         secure messaging software

Diagnosis And Treatment