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  • Examination last 1-2 hours

  • The treatment last about a month and included the cost of the examination

  • After recovery from a disease, there is no need for continued treatment

  • Examination reliability and Treatment efficiency are very high if you follow the instructions

  • The examination will focus only on the problem you referred to and does not scan all possible problems in the body

  • The examination is not a diagnostic examination for cancer or heart disease

  • The examination is not allowed for people with a pacemaker

  • It is not advisable to get the treatment while taking corticosteroids, drugs that affect the immune system, Ritalin, cannabis or other drugs

  • Excessive coffee drinking, parallel Chinese / Japanese acupuncture, herbal remedies, Bach flowers, naturopathy and homeopathy may interfere with treatment

  • The examination diagnosis can not always be verified with conventional examination due to limitations in conventional detection methods

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