Testimonials from patients

Intestinal Disease - Colitis

I came to treatment following a lot of suffering I have experienced in recent years from chronic colitis and arthritis, and mostly out of despair and distrust of conventional treatments, which do not treat the diseases themselves but only their symptoms.

M. A. 3/30/2019


To Dr. Ruff,

I have no words to express my gratitude!

I came to you desperate and hopeless in the hope that you might be able to alleviate the awful feeling that had accompanied me for over 30 years.

To remind you I have suffered from a complete exhaustion for over 30 years. In history, the "yuppie" disease that made me stay

At home for about a whole year, and no doctor knew how to help, about 5 years ago I contracted the "kiss disease" a nightmare that is impossible

Describe for 4.5 months I was completely paralyzed with no option to go to work to raise a hand or perform any action.

Y.C. 5.1.19

Chronic lung disease

For the past 4 years I have had Yellow Nails Syndrome and Bronchictasis Health. Following the treatment that Dr. Roff has given me for the past two years my health condition has improved significantly.  Multiple pneumonia and multiple taking of antibiotics, I went into a state of pneumonia once a year. My immune system got stronger, I returned to function  And for a regular job, my quality of life has gone up significantly. Thanks to Dr. Ruff for the dedicated care. Scary to think what situation I would be in today without the care I receive.

R.S.       4/15/19

Multiple Sclerosis

Today, five months after the first meeting with him, I still suffer from numbness in my feet and hands, but my condition is immeasurably good and I am on my way to healing. I urge anyone who has such a disease, it is difficult, to evacuate, before the difficult invasive treatments in the hospital, go get tested by Dr. Ruff. It brings in a medical line, surprising in its power and its true healing ability. And to the medical community, I hope there are some of you who are interested in curing and not just stopping disease. Teach this way of healing and you may succeed in bringing about change. Dr. Roff has made such a difference in me and for that I cherish my life.

an island.   5/16/19

Severe arthritis

To Dr. Roff

I want to thank you for your dedicated and professional care. I came to you in a wheelchair ill with arthritis, having difficulty standing on my feet and unable to walk !!!

Prolonged hospitalizations, bone marrow tests, steroids, chemical drugs and biologics did not help, I became a nurse.

With you, after a few short treatments my condition improved and I was cured!

Today, I am functioning independently.

And all my blood tests are normal.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


About four years ago, I started to suffer from bleeding diarrhea and severe abdominal pain, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After two treatments, I began to feel significant relief from the pain and normal ejaculations. I stopped the drug treatment. 

Today, three and a half years after Dr. Ruff's treatments, I am in complete remission, feeling healthy and leading a completely normal lifestyle. 

I highly recommend any Crohn’s patient to try this unconventional treatment. If there is a possibility to get out of the vicious circle of conventional drug treatment, with all its negative consequences, one should at least try it. 

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Ruff who came to my aid during such a difficult and depressing period in my life, and changed them 180 degrees!

R.S. 28/02/2021

Itching in the groin

For a long time over a year I had itching in the groin and genital area, it bothered me and disturbed me greatly in my daily life, all attempts by dermatologists to diagnose and treat were in vain

C.S. 2/3/2019

Lyme disease

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease (European strain) in August 2016. Two months before the diagnosis (by a blood test sent to a lab in the US) we traveled in the Netherlands, only two weeks later I noticed that I have a red spot on my leg and a very bad general feeling - constant headache, Severe fatigue, swollen eyes, muscle aches and a weak body similar to the flu.

I.P. 10.2.2019


I was diagnosed with a disease called fibromyalgia, which is characterized by the same symptoms as I had. From here I just hoped for help and balm as someone who believes in the medical world of today.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine could not find a cure for me, and the rheumatologist who treated me at Ichilov often offered me psychotherapeutic drugs, claiming that they would relieve the pain.

I did not find the connection between the "treatment" he offered for my recovery, the pain was not imaginary.

I said desperately and lived with constant pain. I no longer had anything to lose and I came to Dr. Roff's treatment very skeptically.

Today I thank God for the decision I made, which saved my life!

A.K. 4.5.19

Multiple Sclerosis

Hello, I am 26 years old and have had multiple sclerosis for about seven and a half years.

So far I have experienced about four seizures, with the last seizure (which resembled Vertigo in its expression) being the most severe and being the one that hit me relatively most severely - the lower limb muscles in my body stopped functioning properly - which was reflected in the feeling of heaviness in the legs and dragging while walking Many falls), impaired sexual function, impaired urinary control and intense numbness in the limbs.

Under Dr. Roff's instruction, I persevered in the treatment he gave me and today, with great joy, I can say that my wedding day went very successfully and I even danced quite a bit (important to note that I took multiple breaks to let my feet rest when I started limping).

BT 19.7.19


Dear Dr. Oded Roff,


I would like to thank you for my care. I have been suffering from asthma since the age of two, today I am 55 years old.

I started the treatment in October 2018, I stopped taking regular asthma treatment and until today 1.2020 I did not have a seizure ... years that I suffered from asthma attacks at least 2 a year.

In addition, I suffered from allergies and for long periods I took medication, I had rashes and itching that lasted for periods. Since I started the treatment, there have been no allergy attacks and the skin problems have diminished.

In addition I suffer from depression, the treatment improved my condition, there were good periods, but also not simple periods and I am still in a therapeutic process, but I feel the improvement.


Thank you,

E.S. 10.1.2020

My name is Amit and I am 24 years old from Tel Aviv. 

During the army I started to suffer from herpes chronically, literally every month I would get a new lesion, which would take him at least a month until it passes. Every time I would go to the doctor to get herpes pills, but it was just unbearable because it did not cause the lesions not to appear but just to pass (a drop) faster. In addition every doctor I went to claimed that herpes is an incurable virus, and I will stay with the problem for life. 

On my mother's advice, I turned to Dr. Ruff, after she said he had cured her of fibromyalgia, from which she had suffered all her life. 

I reached Ruff, and he examined me with the help of advanced equipment and identified the virus in my body. 

He gave me the treatment with the help of the sugar pills, and instructions on what I should do throughout the treatment (month).

I am happy to write that seven months have passed since then and it has not appeared to me once, which before that was impossible. 

So on this occasion I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Ruff and the clinic, and highly recommend to anyone who has this or that incurable problem to come to him for treatment!  

EK 15.3.2021