Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  fatigue  syndrome, CFS), also called yuppie disease, is manifested  In extreme fatigue and exhaustion with no clear source.

A person with this syndrome is tired to constantly exhausted most of the day even after a long sleep.

In most cases the blood tests and imaging are completely normal and there is no particular test that can confirm or deny the diagnosis. Tests should be performed to rule out the invention of another disease that causes chronic fatigue.

The syndrome usually passes after a few years  Sometimes, however, it increases to the point of inability to perform daily tasks and even inability to walk

The syndrome can be accompanied by muscle aches or general weakness.

Since it is not currently known what causes the syndrome, the existing treatments do not cure but support the patient in the hope that he will overcome the syndrome.

The Kioroff Method

Our experience shows that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused in most cases as a result of various viruses and bacteria.

During the diagnosis we will check if it is really CFS or if the fatigue is part of another disease, we will locate the exact cause of the disease and give treatment that will cause the patient's immune system to solve the problem itself.  Naturally without the need for chemicals or  In painful treatments.

It should be noted that in some cases  Where the immune system is too weak, forced to resort to  In conventional or complementary therapies aimed at the specific diagnosis such as antibiotics  Or supplements to solve the problem.