Multiple Sclerosis


I'm 50 years old.  About three years ago symptoms of circumcision and gradually numbness began in my feet. A year later the palms also joined and later more symptoms developed. I was referred for a head-neck MRI examination.  After that I found myself in the emergency room "Beilinson" - a patient with multiple sclerosis. This knowledge changed the course of my life and family life. After consulting with a number of senior neurologists, I was offered a "cleansing" treatment with steroids, as a lumbar puncture structure and a club membership card in the sclerosis patient community. I must point out that all the people who took care of me were kind and good. I did not agree to accept the evil of the decree, especially after it was explained to me that the proposed treatment was stopping the spread of the disease, at best. I was looking for a cure.

I came to Dr. Oded Roff. I have never heard of him and the method by which he heals people.  "Electroacupuncture". I found very little information about the method and decided to meet it. After three sessions, most of the symptoms typical of sclerosis disappeared - balance problems, sleep problems, difficulty controlling the sphincters, blurred vision, depression, impotence, the feeling of a belt around the chest and more.

Today, five months after the first meeting with him, I still suffer from numbness in my feet and hands, but my condition is immeasurably good and I am on my way to healing. I urge anyone who has such a disease, it is difficult, to evacuate, before the difficult invasive treatments in the hospital, go get tested by Dr. Ruff. It brings in a medical line, surprising in its power and its true healing ability. And to the medical community, I hope there are some of you who are interested in curing and not just stopping disease. Teach this way of healing and you may succeed in bringing about change. Dr. Roff has made such a difference in me and for that I cherish my life.

an island.   5/16/19