I am 49 years old and have been working in the high-tech world for 22 years in the field of medical equipment

I have great faith in our advanced world of medicine, medicine and medical devices that exist today and in technology in general

Unfortunately, however, none of them helped me when I suffered from severe muscle pain and difficulties in daily functioning as a mother of three children, as a wife, and as a working woman for self-fulfillment and livelihood.

For many years I suffered from "stress drops" that you did not know how to translate into a problem, I thought it was weakness or excessive fatigue, when the "weakness" passed I went back to my normal day and it seemed to me that it was behind me. Slowly, the weakness attacks appeared more often and at greater intensities, I had muscle aches like in a severe flu but much above that. I realized there was a problem and started a medical examination to understand what was happening to my body.

I was diagnosed with a disease called fibromyalgia, which is characterized by the same symptoms as I had. From here I just hoped for help and balm as someone who believes in the medical world of today.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine could not find a cure for me, and the rheumatologist who treated me at Ichilov often offered me psychotherapeutic drugs, claiming that they would relieve the pain.

I did not find the connection between the "treatment" he offered for my recovery, the pain was not imaginary.

I said desperately and lived with constant pain.  I no longer had anything to lose and I came to Dr. Roff's treatment very skeptically.

Today I thank God for the decision I made, which saved my life!

I suffered for 6 consecutive years from severe pain and fatigue. About a month and a half after receiving the treatment my body was filled with swollen lymph nodes that explicitly showed my immune system was fighting, a little later I started to get better and feel better and over time I was cured without any other treatment !!!! The symptoms have passed.

Today 4 years after that meeting I am healthy and my life has changed. I went back to doing the things I refrained from doing when I was defined as sick and came back.

I have no doubt that the onlooker will think that this is a false or even delusional idea, but as someone who has been in this place and been healed I see this medicine as the future, it is a futuristic medicine that we have the power to bring about the realization and success of patients' quality of life.

Dear Doctor, If you have read the lines of Ayala and have come to this line I ask you as a medical man / woman who swore an oath of Hippocrates, to give this medicine a chance, open your head, learn and practice it and save lives, we need more doctors in this field. There is a lot of suffering and little help.

With great blessing and hope for wisdom and learning

A.K. 4.5.19