To Dr. Ruff,

I have no words to express my gratitude!

I came to you desperate and hopeless in the hope that you might be able to alleviate the awful feeling that had accompanied me for over 30 years.

To remind you I have suffered from a complete exhaustion for over 30 years. In history, the "yuppie" disease that made me stay  At home for about a whole year, and no doctor knew how to help, about 5 years ago I contracted the "kiss disease" a nightmare that is impossible  Describe for 4.5 months I was completely paralyzed with no option to go to work to raise a hand or perform any action.

I was referred by the family doctor to the pain clinic at Ichilov Hospital, after several visits  The attending physician suspected that this was "fibromyology" and I stopped the visits because they were useless! (Documents in my possession) 

I tried vitamin supplements, healthy drinks, I stopped eating certain foods - to no avail!

Dr. Roff you are a huge doctor !!! I just can not believe it !!! After you treated me all the symptoms passed !!! I was ready to do anything

In order to recover, I would get up in the morning "Panther" and after a few minutes I would land on the couch  Without being able to move. Nervously screams to the sky

And frustrated! - Everything's gone!

I have no words to express my appreciation to you!

Those around me do not believe, following my enthusiasm, a patient named SM from Beer Yaakov came to you with a diagnosis of

Fibromyology (hope I wrote it right) We are in daily contact and she feels a huge improvement, really amazing!


I can tell my recovery story to anyone, at any lecture or meeting you ask of me!

1000 Thanks Dear Dr. Roof!