Lyme disease

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease (European strain) in August 2016.
Two months before the diagnosis (by a blood test sent to a lab in the US) we traveled in the Netherlands, only two weeks later I noticed that I have a red spot on my leg and a very bad general feeling - constant headache, severe fatigue, swollen eyes, muscle aches and weak body. For the flu.
Of course I did not link this to the sting, and in consultation with my mother-in-law who is a doctor I applied ointment on the strange sting that seemed to be blooming.
We thought I had an allergic reaction to the bite.
I felt neither improved nor the appearance of the bite that changed color to purple and its contour grew and spread.
I turned the internet on and had a feeling it was Lyme disease - something that was confirmed a few weeks later by a positive blood test.
I was treated with doxycycline antibiotics for two weeks.
The rash disappeared and the general feeling improved but did not go away.
Years later every so often I felt as if the physical symptoms other than the rash were coming back to me and with them also anxiety attacks lest the disease would never leave me.
In 2018 I contacted Dr. Roof and he offered the electroacupentura treatment, I made an appointment and after about a month of treatment I felt much better, as if the symptoms were disappearing.
I was also skeptical at first but I was open to any treatment as I could not find a suitable solution and treatment in conventional medicine that also does not believe that the disease can return after antibiotic treatment.
Factually, I feel good now and recommend to many of my acquaintances and friends to try this treatment for medical problems in which they have not received a conventional solution.
Just a pity that there are no more doctors who also treat using this device.