Intestinal Disease - Colitis

I came on the recommendation of a family member with multiple sclerosis, who has been treated with great success over the past year.


I came to treatment following a lot of suffering I have experienced in recent years from chronic colitis and arthritis, and mostly out of despair and distrust of conventional treatments, which do not treat the diseases themselves but only their symptoms.


When I arrived I was treated with a biological drug (antibiotic) that after a year of transfusions stopped working. Before that for years I was treated with a variety of types of ASA5 drugs, antibiotics and steroids that did ongoing damage to the body.


I will note that in addition to the above diseases I also suffer from childhood asthma and congenital hypothyroidism and have taken regular medications like steroid inhalers, antihistamine pills and altruxin.


It is very difficult for me with taking all these drugs because they disrupt my body, produce a lot of side effects and I really feel like they are blocking my body’s ability to heal itself.


It is important for me to explain that a person who has such a variety of medical problems, the meaning  She has lots and lots of visits to doctors in a variety of areas of expertise and lots of opinions, and it carries a lot of frustration. I have also tried a variety of alternative therapies but without success. Over the years I have tried to look for a specialist who will treat all areas in one place.


In addition, since the first bout of colitis a few years ago, negative thoughts, all kinds of fears started to appear in me and I became very nervous. So I started going to a psychologist too.



In meetings with Dr. Roff, after asking a variety of questions for an understanding of my medical condition, he explained to me about the method of treatment and how to treat it.


Lately I am really feeling the improvement. I devoted myself to treatment and today except for altruxin and paracetamol I do not take pills and am not treated with any other type of treatment.


Although there are still sometimes physical pains (joint pain and headaches) but there is a significant improvement in the symptoms of colitis, in the thoughts and results of the tests and also in my feeling - I became very strong mentally and physically.


I have already recommended the treatment to some of my family and friends, and I will continue to recommend. I truly believe this is good news.


Happy Passover and lots of health.