Herpes treatment

My name is Amit and I am 24 years old from Tel Aviv. 

During the army I started to suffer from herpes chronically, literally every month I would get a new lesion, which would take him at least a month until it passes. Every time I would go to the doctor to get herpes pills, but it was just unbearable because it did not cause the lesions not to appear but just to pass (a drop) faster. In addition every doctor I went to claimed that herpes is an incurable virus, and I will stay with the problem for life. 

On my mother's advice, I turned to Dr. Ruff, after she said he had cured her of fibromyalgia, from which she had suffered all her life. 

I reached Ruff, and he examined me with the help of advanced equipment and identified the virus in my body. 

He gave me the treatment with the help of the sugar pills, and instructions on what I should do throughout the treatment (month).

I am happy to write that seven months have passed since then and it has not appeared to me once, which before that was impossible. 

So on this occasion I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Ruff and the clinic, and highly recommend to anyone who has this or that incurable problem to come to him for treatment!  

EK 15.3.2021